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Boat and Yacht services

Here is a list of some our most common services:

* Full Service wash/detailing -  Complete wash and hand dry of all exterior surfaces, fiberglass, vinyl, metal, non-skid, and glass followed by a wax coating on all fiberglass. All above deck compartments/hatches cleaned, UV vinyl treatment, metal shine, window and helm cleaning.This service can be weekly, bi weekly or monthly. NO BUFFING OR WAX.

* Buffing / Polishing & WAX / Full Detailing - Buff and wax using 3M products then wash and dry.  This is a full detail job. Buffing and polishing Removes layers of oxidized gelcoat then a layer of wax is applied to protect the gelcoat. This is recommended for boats that need to shine, older vessels. Hatches, glass, metals,non-skid are washed and dried.

* Metal Cleaning / Polishing / Bright-Work - Polish and make your metal-work shine. We take care of all your metals such as bronze, stainless steel, chrome and aluminum. Taking care of some rust and preventing new rust.

Wet sanding, this is for the boat that is extremely oxidized and a buffer just won’t touch it!     Generally start out with 600 to 800 grit sand paper and water, work it down to 1200 grit if needed then polish gelcoat to remove swirls and then wax, this is a process but worth it at times  
* Teak cleaning. floors and or special surfaces are brushed brushed cleaned and teak oil is applied.

* Vinyl Cleaning- Stains, grease, dirt, mold and rust spots will give your boat a worn out appearance.  Our team will revive your seats and cushion bringing them back  to life. A UV protective coating will be applied and will help prevent sun burn & fading.

* Gelcoat  repairs

*** Bottom Cleaning In/Out Water- It doesn't matter if your boat is on dry or on the water.  Our team is prepared to clean and remove growth, barnacles and algae off the hull and bottom.  If you need new antifouling paint to protect your vessel's bottom we can paint it as well.

Isinglass/Plexiglass Cleaning / Polishing - Cleaning and protecting all types of Isinglass and plexiglass windows and see throughs.  Minor clouding may be removed.

Electrical, Instrument and Appliance Installation- Speakers, radio, navigation systems, bilge pumps, toilet /macerator pumps our team can properly install them all.



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